listing accuracy, Review Monitoring, and performance

Listing Accuracy

Incorrect data, like phone numbers, hours, or web addresses can cause a frustrating experience for your customers. Imagine a customer who inadvertently visits your store an hour before it opens or dials an inactive phone number – these experiences deteriorate trust in your brand. Aside from user experience, incorrect citations around the web can sap your listing performance where it matters most – on top channels like Google, Apple Maps, and Bing. That’s because incorrect listing details around the web can cause duplicate listings that pull authority, prominence, and reviews away from your primary listing. We offer direct submission to a large network of search engines, maps, apps, social networks, and aggregators so that your listings can perform well and your customers can reach you when they are looking to convert.

Review Monitoring

allLocal monitors reviews from approximately 20 different review engines and social sites, and aggregates them from within the platform. Clients use review data to monitor and respond to reviews, and to prioritize sites from which to obtain reviews, which help rankings.

Performance Reporting

When synced with your Google My Business listing we provide performance reporting from Google and Bing. Google includes Impressions, Calls, Direction requests and clicks to website. Bing reporting includes Impressions.

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