Redefining Local Business Listing Management

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Local Listing Management

MapPin is a smartphone Local Listing Management platform that allows you, the business owner, to manage your local business listings within the search engines and aggregators you care about most. 

How is MapPin different? We are a trusted authority and certify your local business listing(s) to our partners. Consider this a three-way partnership, with MapPin bridging the gap between your local business and our partners.

PositionTech, one of our trusted partners, has an impeccable track record of pushing up-to-date data to Bing Places for their clients.

Why MapPin?

With over 11 years of experience managing local business listings for large brands through our allLocal sister service, we know what it takes to succeed. Managing brands having from 200 to 55,000 location requires knowledge and a close relationship with the engines. Both of these traits we now offer to the small business owner through MapPin and

In addition to managing your business listing(s) across the major search engines from a single platform, you have access to rich performance reporting including Google’s Insights*, Bing Impressions, Listing Accuracy, and Review Monitoring. 

MapPin is a timesaver. Instead of logging into each of your search engine accounts to update your business details with MapPin you simply update your information on your phone, and MapPin updates the engines in near real-time. Have an emergency, through MapPin we can update your hours on Google and Bing within 20 minutes!

Have over 100 locations?

If your Brand has more than 100 locations we’d like you to consider our Enterprise Service,, which has been efficiently managing many of the largest and well-known brands in the US and Canada for over 11 years.

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